Not Your Mother's Bra_ Part 5 of 5

Taking Care of your new bra.


Give your bra a break!

  • To maintain the elasticity, avoid wearing your bra 2 days in a row. This allows the spandex to regain its shape.


    Wash in cold water

  • Wash by hand in cold water with a soap made for delicate fabrics. Regular soaps or bleach can harm fabrics and laces.


    Extra protection

  • When washing your bra in a washing machine, attach the back hooks and place the bra in a lingerie bag to protect the fabric. Select the coolest water and most gentle cycle.


    No dryers. Ever.

  • Hang to dry. Dyers distort cups and cause wire casing to shrink, wrecking underwire and making it break.


    Keep in shape

  • Store your bras in smooth finish drawers with enough room to avoid distorting the cup. When traveling, keep our bras together by pacing the cups into one another.