Not Your Mother's Bra _ Part 2 of 5

Bra Facts

- A woman's bra size changes AT LEAST six times during her lifetime. (with weight gain and loss, age, child birth, menopause your body shape will change and so will your bra size)

- On average your bra's life span is 6 month! This decreases with more wears, you can extend the life of your bra by adding more bra's into the rotation.

- More than 70% of all women wear the wrong size bra. (because they are wearing someone else's bra or because they weren't fitted with the right size and style, educate yourself about your body type and the style carried by different brands)

- A poorly fit bra can cause back pain, headaches, stretch marks, permanent grooves in the shoulders, bruises under the armpit and loss of elasticity in the breast tissue. (a miss sized bra will dig into your body or shift throughout the day as you wear it, both these problems can cause discomfort)

- A properly fitted bra improves posture, overall appearance and body confidence. (when you're wearing the right size bra, it will not dig in or move, it will sit in place and you will not be readjusting it all day long)

- Support comes from the band, not the straps - make sure you're wearing the right band size. (90% of the support comes from your band {the number on the tag}, this will preventing shifting during the day and help lift your beast tissue into your natural bust line position)

- Only 10% of the bra's support is found in the straps. (a good test when trying on a new bra is to slip the straps off your shoulders to gage how much movement there would be, in a perfect world when the strap is removed from your shoulder there will be no movement)

- You should own a minimum of 3 bras - one you're wearing, one you're ready to wear and one that needs washing. (you should not wear the same bra 2 days in a row, your body oils degrade the integrity of the elastic and fabric)

- You should fit your band and your cup size separately (and when fitting resize them separately as well)

- Your band should be snug enough to fit two fingers under the band comfortably (I like to say the band should be taught, snug enough for the support that it gives but loose enough that its not digging into your skin {which isn't loose at all})

- The side boning helps to support the wire and shape of the bra (if the bra you are wearing is designed with boning it is meant to be there to help support the wires of the cup, it helps create structure in the band and cup for the size and style, but it also helps prevent the wire from shifting bending and breaking while you're wearing it)

- When trying and wearing a bra, it should be hooked onto the middle clasp’s (that is the measurement of the band, if your breast swell during your period you will have round to go out to the largest hook or as the elastic and fabric gets older and looser you will be able to extend the life of your bra by going into the smallest hook)